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Equal Rights Foundation

Successfully Achieving Milestones, more new admissions in Angel Schooling System. They all have different problems some can’t afford the dues for school, some Living in rent houses, some parents are daily wager, some have younger brother and sisters. Love to study but due to insufficient income can not afford. We welcome them and enrolling in Play Group, Third standard and 4th standard. 
Note Books, Led Pencil, Eraser and Shopper received by Abid Hussain Bhatti.
Angel Schooling System.


“To enable such a general public where each individual mindful about their rights and raise their voices against separation”


“To engage nationals through Capacity building and skill preparing to give them right chances to change their lives”


“To ensure that all citizen’s rights are secure for their necessities of lives”


  • Humanitarian emergencies Assistance
  • Water & sanitation
  • Arrangement of trainings & workshops about good governance, Leadership, Conflict resolution, Peace building, Human Rights etc.
  • Food Distribution
  • Vocational Skills trainings
  • Human protection & child protection
  • Health & education services
  • Create opportunities for their development
  • Relief and Rehabilitation work in Emergencies
  • Protection of Minorities Rights
  • Promotion of Inter-Religious dialogues & Harmony
  • Protection & Promotion of Human Rights
  • Protection of Women’s Rights
  • Adult Literacy
  • Early child care development
  • Peace building
  • Rights of Prostitute and Health and Education.


Core Values

  • Networking
  • Responsibility
  • Human Rights
  • Community & trust ship
  • Accountable & Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Mutual respect & partnership with Human rights sector & media groups


Abid Hussain Bhatti

Equal Rights Foundation