Distributing bags & books

آج اینجل سکولنگ سسٹم کے بچوں کے لۓ سکول بیگ, اسٹیشنری, نوٹ بکس 116 بچوں کو تقسیم کی گئیں جبکہ ان چالیس بچوں کو کتابیں بھی گفٹ کی گئیں جن کے پاس نہیں تھیں. ھم بھائ فہیم جنجوعہ کا تہ دل سے شکریہ ادا کرتے...

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New Admission

Successfully Achieving Milestones, more new admissions in Angel Schooling System. They all have different problems some can't afford the dues for school, some Living in rent houses, some parents are daily wager, some have younger brother and sisters. Love to study but due to insufficient income can not afford. We welcome...

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Angel Schooling System

Angel Schooling System continuously doing a struggle to enroll more children those belongs to labor families and education is not in their access due to their financial issues. Angel Schooling System care about these kind of children and love to educate them with full zeal...

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