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What We Do!

ERF is working on following areas. Our aim is to improve life’s of poor people & give them better Education, Food, Home AND Bright Future.

Free Schooling System

Quality Education For Poor, needy & orphan Child

Teach them Islamic Values

Improve there Listen and Talking skills in English and other Languages


Stitching Center

Women empowerment

Stitching & Cuting Technique

Also Teach Them How To Market There Products


Adult Education

Educate Adults is one of the Top Priority

Educate Adults.. So They can improve there future life style

Secure the future by Education & Training Section


Orphan Home

Give Residence

Food And Cloths

Homeless Center seeks to transform, advance and develop Pakistan by developing the human capital


We Need Your Zakat For Angel Schooling System & Orphan Home.
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Recent Activities




Medical Camp

By LC For Women University


Training Section

By Zafar Ullah Zahid


To build a strong nation where every citizen should be equal by their basic’s of Rights.


To empower national about their basic’s of Rights through Trainings, Workshops and Theatres.


To develop a community where every citizen should demand their rights and become a voice of Humans.


To work for establishment of global peace, equal rights, friendship & Solidarity.
To provide awareness and work for democratic governance.
To empower deprived sections of society especially women on their basic rights and to provide them opportunities for economic uplift.
To provide awareness about violence against women through seminars, walks, workshops and theaters.
To enhance the capacity building of the community through Theatre, Seminars, Workshops, Trainings on different social and human right issues.
To arrange and explore the possibilities of skill development.
To provide primary Health facilities for women & Child in rural areas, and emphasizing on reduction in child mortality and improving maternal health.
To work for the promotion of formal and non-formal education and social sector development in urban and rural areas.
To provide the Carrier Counseling & talent promotion activities for the youth.
To work for infrastructure development and environmental protection.
To provide assistance to disaster prone communities during emergencies through rescue, relief, rehabilitation and development activities.
To work for the Child Protection.
To empower on Trans-Gender about their rights, Health and Education, Property Rights etc through trainings, workshops and Theatres.

Community Members